Friday, March 27, 2009

Searching for The Best in Beverages....

This morning when I awoke, I was thinking of how many things I have to review in the area of Beverages, and that I really needed to continue my search for a good template. I have been looking through 100's of templates at different sites and actually found a couple through Wordpress, and another template site. When I opened up my blogger account, to my surprise, I saw a new template had been started for my Beverage blog! My precious and beloved 12 year old granddaughter must have been hard at work last night on my behalf! God bless her heart! So, I will start here at blogger... I was so blessed... she knows my love for the ocean and for the balmy tropic breezes and incorporated that into this blog! She also has started her own little blog, as a nonprofit to benefit other young ladies and women with gently used clothing, if they are in need!( if you know anyone that has gently used nice clothing for girls and women that they would like to donate, please comment or contact me.thank you)

My desire for this blog on BEVERAGES, is to share with you my findings and fun in the Search for the Best in the area of Beverages. I am looking for sponsors who would love some great Beverage Buzz amongst the BEST in WOM advertising, product reviews and giveaways. I have a team of reviewers started, as we all know that the BEST is a matter of opinion and taste. if you would like to be considered to be part of a team of reviewers for Beverages, please contact me to be put on the waiting list, with a little about yourself and your blog or website.
AS some of you know from my other blog, I am battling some pretty serious health issues right now, so for the next couple weeks I may not be blogging as much as I would like. So, thank you for your patience, and keep checking back. The best way to do that is to follow me from the beginning on both blogger and twitter. I am already following over 1000 of you myself, so please feel free to follow back! I love comments and link sharing! So, without further adieu, LET THE SIPPING BEGIN!
( Coffee, tea, power drinks, health drinks, superfood drinks, juices, water, I am thirsty!)


  1. LOVE the template! Goodluck in your Beverage reviews!

  2. Thanks so much dear! I prayed for you last week.. Must have been the Lord as we really don't know each other. Your blog touched me in some way I guess. Hope you had a great Easter. I have been ill so really far behind in my reviews and giveaways. check in soon, also have a chocolate blog coming. cathy